Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporatio
  Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporation
          Energy Exploration in Partnership with the Environment

Our Mission

Wolverine will find and produce natural gas and oil efficiently so that God is honored, our environment is enhanced, our employees are constructively challenged and well paid, and our owners and partners receive an excellent return on their investment.

Corporate History

Building on more than 60 years of experience that includes the operation of oil and gas wells in Michigan and Utah, Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporation is set to continue its success. The company was started by Sidney J. Jansma Sr. in 1948. When Sidney J. Jansma Jr. came into the business with him in August 1966, Sid Sr. was running a successful oil and gas company. Demonstrating the vision that has driven the company’s success, Sid Jr. determined that a strong emphasis on exploration would be the best strategy to grow the already successful business.

Following this strategy, Wolverine scored several successes with wells in the Niagaran, Trenton, Prairie du Chien and the Antrim formations in Michigan. In 2003, Wolverine discovered a prolific oil field in Utah which set off a huge lease play there, resulting in many wells being drilled. Currently Wolverine is producing and selling from the Covenant Field.

Today, Wolverine depends on an exploration and production staff that includes highly trained professionals using the best available technology. We are actively seeking hydrocarbons throughout the United States.

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